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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences

Chair of Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces - Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek

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Date News
13.07.2023 Google Research Scholar Award
05.05.2023 UBT research at ACM CHI'23
08.03.2023 Community Paper Collection HCI + AI (CHI'23 Preprints)
15.09.2022 Two paper awards at MuC'22
24.08.2022 New paper at ACM UIST'22
11.08.2022 New blog post: How to write better discussions in papers
05.08.2022 Our group at MuC'22
06.05.2022 Our group at ACM CHI'22
31.01.2022 Our group at ACM IUI'22
13.10.2021 Our group at the bidt conference 2021
05.09.2021 Paper Award for our Mobile Language Learning App at MuC'21
16.08.2021 New blog post: A Look Inside the Bayesian Keyboard
23.06.2021 New Paper at C&C'21: CharacterChat - A Chatbot for Fiction Writers
01.06.2021 Upcoming Paper at DIS'21
12.05.2021 New blog post: How can interactive AI help us write emails?
01.04.2021 Paper Award at CHI'21
11.03.2021 Community Paper Collection HCI + AI (CHI'21 Preprints)
11.03.2021 Preprints available for our three papers at CHI'21
21.12.2020 Four accepted and upcoming papers in 2021
11.12.2020 New blog post: What if GUI elements were not limited to boxes?
30.11.2020 New blog post: What makes interactive technology "intelligent"?
07.09.2020 Paper Award at Mensch und Computer Conference
19.08.2020 Two Invited Presentations at Mensch und Computer Conference
23.07.2020 New Paper at Mensch und Computer Conference
19.06.2020 New Journal Article in Proc. of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction
24.04.2020 Upcoming Workshop on User-Centered Artificial Intelligence
26.03.2020 New blog post: What makes user interfaces "intelligent"?
09.03.2020 Two Awards at CHI'20
03.03.2020 New Papers at CHI'20
03.03.2020 New Paper at IUI'20
28.02.2020 Upcoming Workshops at IUI and CHI
12.02.2020 Guest Talk by Florian Bemmann from LMU
03.02.2020 CIIS Course: Poster Event
09.09.2019 Press release: Launch of the group

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