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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences

Chair of Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces - Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek

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New Paper at Mensch und Computer Conference

New Paper, 23.07.2020

Paper2Wire - A Case Study of User-Centred Development of Machine Learning Tools for UX Designers (Proc. Mensch und Computer 2020)

▹Paper (to appear September 2020)

This paper reflects on a case study of a user-centred concept development process for a Machine Learning (ML) based design tool, conducted at an industry partner. The resulting concept uses ML to match graphical user interface elements in sketches on paper to their digital counterparts to create consistent wireframes. A user study (N=20) with a working prototype shows that this concept is preferred by designers, compared to the previous manual procedure. Reflecting on our process and findings we discuss lessons learned for developing ML tools that respect practitioners' needs and practices.

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