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Chair of Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces - Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek

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Creating Intelligent Interactive Systems with Android

In this practical course, students develop interactive systems that support users in everyday tasks by making use of "intelligent" features, such as recommendations, mobile device sensors, and Machine Learning / AI. Students work in small teams. The project covers developing concepts, implementing a prototype app, and testing it with potential users in a user study. The projects require no special prior knowledge apart from solid programming skills and interest in work at the intersection of Human-Computer-Interaction and applied Machine Learning / AI

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On HCI Day students from our courses (CIIS, IUI, UCD) get the chance to present their projects to others.

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Intelligent User Interfaces

This module provides a systematic overview of intelligent user interfaces and an advanced understanding of their fundamental concepts and of selected technical approaches and methods for their design, implementation and evaluation. The learning goals are:

  • Understanding of fundamental concepts, application areas, and benefits and challenges of intelligent user interfaces
  • Ability to apply specific approaches and methods in the design, implementation and evaluation of intelligent user interfaces
  • Ability to analyse existing intelligent user interfaces
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User-Centred Design

In this lecture students will learn useful methods and knowledge on human-homputer interaction with a strong focus on user-centred design. Sudents will apply these methods independently in project-based exercises.

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Bachelor & Master Theses

More information on theses at our group is available here.

Further teaching activities

  • Summer 2021: Course on "Intelligent User Interfaces" at the CHI'21 conference.
  • Winter 2020/21: Joint lecture on "Intelligent User Interfaces" at LMU Munich. 
  • Winter 2019/20: Invited talk and discussion in the Computational Interaction seminar at ETH Zurich.

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