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Portrait Florian Lehmann Florian Lehmann
Portrait Florian Lehmann

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Research Interests

My research connects Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning. By conducting realistic field experiments, I am looking at how we interact with intelligent systems. In particular, I am focusing in initiative in interaction with intelligent systems. Mixed-initiative interaction describes a concept where not only the human could take the initiative but also the system. A practical example would be the collaboration on a text document with an AI author that can draft or summarize texts. In such scenarios, questions arise on how, where, and when the human or the system takes the initiative. With my research, I work on elucidating these questions and explore underlying concepts in human-AI interaction.

Research Tool

As a side project, I am building a software system with the working title "solanum". Solanum enables HCI researchers to set up web-based experiments that combine interactive prototypes and questionnaires. It takes the burden of programming the procedure flow while offering interfaces for plugging in web-based interactive prototypes and questionnaires. This way, researchers can focus on the methods and the development of the prototypes. On top of that, solanum comes with easy-to-use data logging.

At the moment, the systems consists of three parts:

  1. Backend, written in python with fastapi
  2. Frontend Library, written in TypeScript
  3. Frontend, that controls the procedure flow, written in ES6 and React

Work in progress: Frontend for administrating the experiments

If you are interested in using solanum for running your own experiments, reach out to me via email.

Portrait Florian Lehmann

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science



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Florian Lehmann, Daniel Buschek: Heartbeats in the Wild : A Field Study Exploring ECG Biometrics in Everyday Life. - (Paper), Veranstaltung: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 25.04.2020 - 30.04.2020, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Florian Lehmann, Daniel Buschek: Examining Autocompletion as a Basic Concept for Interaction with Generative AI. In: i-com : Journal of Interactive Media, 19 (2020). - S. 251-264.

Portrait Florian Lehmann

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Florian Lehmann
Doctoral Researcher

AI Building, room 1.49
Universitätsstraße 30
95447 Bayreuth

E-mail: florian.lehmann@uni-bayreuth.de
Homepage: Personal Website
Google Scholar: Florian Lehmann on Google Scholar
ORCID: Florian Lehmann on ORCID
ResearchGate: Florian Lehmann on ResearchGate

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