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Chair of Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces - Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek

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Two paper awards at MuC'22

The "Mensch und Computer" (MuC) conference is the largest German conference on Human-Computer Interaction with an increasingly international community.

We are excited to share that we have received two "Honourable Mention" paper awards at MuC'22, for the two papers:

  • Florian Lehmann presented our paper "Suggestion Lists vs. Continuous Generation: Interaction Design for Writing with Generative Models on Mobile Devices Affect Text Length, Wording and Perceived Authorship" (preprint here)
  • In a collaboration with researchers from LMU Munich, we contributed to the paper "The Human in the Infinite Loop: A Case Study on Revealing and Explaining Human-AI Interaction Loop Failures" (preprint here)
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