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UBT research at ACM CHI'23


The ACM Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (CHI) is the largest and most impactful conference in our field. This year, CHI'23 was a short trip for us, as it took place in Germany for the first time in its history - in Hamburg! Between our group and the Serious Games group, UBT researchers contributed to this conference with the following papers and events.

Group picture: UBT team in front of the CHI 2023 sign in the conference entrance hall.

UBT contributions:

  • Hai Dang presented the paper "Choice Over Control: How Users Write with Large Language Models using Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Prompting" (paper) and helped to run the conference as a Student Volunteer (SV).
  • Florian Lehmann presented his research on "Mixed-Initiative Interaction with Computational Generative Systems" at the CHI'23 Doctoral Consortium (paper), where PhD students get feedback from an international group of experts.
  • Florian Fischer presented the paper "Optimal Feedback Control for Modeling Human-Computer Interaction" (invited TOCHI journal article).
  • Florian Fischer, Arthur Fleig, Markus Klar and Viktorija Paneva participated in the workshop on the "Future of Computational Approaches for Understanding & Adapting User Interfaces" (website).
  • Daniel Buschek co-organised the course "Introduction to Authentication using Behavioral Biometrics" (paperwebsite).

Collaborations with UBT (co-)authors:

  • Maurice Jakesch (Cornell) presented the paper "Co-Writing with Opinionated Language Models Affects Users' Views" (paper).
  • Beat Rossmy (LMU Munich) presented the paper "Point of no Undo: Irreversible Interactions as a Design Strategy" (paper).
  • Both these collaborations received a "Best Paper Honorable Mention Award"!
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