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Chair of Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces - Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek

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IUI Summer 2021

Lecture: Intelligent User Interfaces

This lecture provides a systematic overview of intelligent user interfaces and an advanced understanding of their fundamental concepts and of selected technical approaches and methods for their design, implementation and evaluation. The learning goals are:

  • Understanding of fundamental concepts, application areas, and benefits and challenges of intelligent user interfaces

  • Ability to apply specific approaches and methods in the design, implementation and evaluation of intelligent user interfaces

  • Ability to analyse existing intelligent user interfaces

The lecture runs online: It uses a mix of lecture sessions (via zoom) and interactive sessions (also via zoom), plus introductory exercises (in the first weeks), followed by projects in which students design, implement, evaluate and present their own intelligent user interface prototypes. This lecture is in English.

Covered Topics

The lecture covers a range of IUI topics, including:

  • Introduction to Intelligent User Interfaces (e.g. motivation, examples, core concepts)

  • HCI + AI recap/preparations (e.g. basic concepts; practical prototyping with Python and Web)

  • Recommender systems (e.g. movie recommendations)

  • Conversational user interfaces (e.g. chatbots, voice assistants)

  • Interaction with text (e.g. personalised keyboards, text suggestions, language modelling)

  • User/input modelling and adaptive UIs (e.g. touch, pointing, typing, menus)

  • Computational UI design and evaluation (e.g. layout optimisation)

  • Biometrics (e.g. user identification)

  • Broader perspective (e.g. explainable AI, ethics)

Course Projects

As part of the exercises and assignments for this lecture, students developed working prototypes of intelligent user interfaces in small teams throughout the semester. These were presented to external guests at the end of the semester in an online poster session (using gather.town). Here's a video overview and a screenshot of our poster space with 13 exciting projects!

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