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Project: Event2Go

This is a project of the CIIS course (WS 2019/20). The content below was created by Abderraouf Zaghdoudi.


Nowadays, with our charged schedule, we need to entertain ourselves but we don’t have neither time nor efforts to search for interesting activities and events in the huge amount of websites to plan our free time. The idea of Event2Go is to solve these problems by creating an event planner platform that facilitate free time planning with recommending activities and events matching the user profile based on his interests (no private data required) and on his location. For the course the events area is limited in Bayreuth.

By the implementation the UI and the design was highlighted to make Event2Go interactive and dynamic by giving the possibility to the user to explore the events in different ways (list, map and detailed view) and the facility to switch between them. Event2Go helps the user to stay up-to-date on events happening close to him by notifying him about them without search and click efforts.

Extension Ideas:

  • The main big extensions idea is the Calendar Planner that recommends the user personalized events in the best time with the Help of the user by marking his free time in the calendar.
  • Also a second actor in the App “ the organizer “ is an Important idea to make the App independent from the admin (the only one who can add events).

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