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Project: Noticeboard

This is a project of the CIIS course (WS 2019/20). The content below was created by the project team: Priyanka Bharti and Fabian Kratzer.

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Did you face at least one of these problems?

  • You are searching for a project or thesis topic and have to walk around the building to get all the information at the chairs’ noticeboards.
  • You are searching for a student job and have to go through each notice in the clumsy noticeboards.
  • You wanted to attend a particular workshop, but you got to know about this only after the event was over.

There is a new app to solve all of these problems: Noticeboard!

App screenshot: List of notices i.e. a digital noticeboard

This is the main screen. You can see all uploaded notices organized in one screen. If you are only searching for job postings, you can simply use the filter option.

You’ve found something interesting? Tap on it and you’ll see a larger zoomable version. You can use to bookmark feature underneath to save the notice for later.

You have found a notice that might be interesting for a friend? Simply click on the share button or use the download feature.

App screenshot: Creating a new notice

Uploading new notices is restricted to authorized persons, like professors, members of the Fachschaft, employers, etc.

Apart from a headline, an image, and a category they also have to add an expiration date. After this date the notice will disappear automatically. So, no more posters of parties from last year!

Unlike a physical noticeboard, notices can also be updated for any additional information or manually deleted if no more relevant.

We hope we could get you interested in this brilliant new app.

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