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Project: Digital Wardrobe

This is a project of the CIIS course (WS 2020/21). The content below was created by the project team: Akshaya Kumar, Anuj Sharma, Johannes Pinzek.

The aim of the application is to create a smart digital wardrobe/closet for an individual. In daily life, the choices and decision of clothes are time-consuming and difficult. 
The idea behind the digital wardrobe revolves around solving this particular problem of making decisions about clothes in any particular situation. You are going for a trip, 
hike, sports, beach the app will suggest you clothes that you already own in your wardrobe based on the location of event and weather. Even daily activities in your city, 
like going to the office, parties, dates, dinner, running or any other sports. The app will suggest you the clothes in your wardrobe based on the latest trend in fashion 
and your personal preferences. 

Do you want suggestions from family or friends on what you plan on wearing? Share the wardrobe collection to get the loved one’s opinion. Based on the events and activities, 
if there is necessary clothing that you are missing from your wardrobe, the app will suggest the required clothes and where to buy from in different price ranges and your
personal fashion preference. 

Do you care for the environment and are conscious about your carbon footprint? The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than 
all international flights and maritime shipping combined. At this pace, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will more than 50% by 2030. We planned to suggest 
the user when to not buy unnecessary clothes and will also connect you to the nearest clothes recycling units for yourself or for the donation. The app will also make 
you aware of the carbon footprint of your wardrobe.

Due to the time constraint, we could make an application where a user can have their digital wardrobe which helps them in recommendation of clothes for activities of 
day-to-day life and travel. In future to extend this application as a business idea we can have features like sharing our closet with friends and family, make the user 
aware of the carbon footprint, suggest clothes for activities or travel which are missing from your wardrobe.

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