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Project: drivingTogether

This is a project of the CIIS course (WS 2020/21). The content below was created by Lina Peters-Franssen.

The app drivingTogether will especially help neighbours and friends to get together and share a drive for example to work or for grocery shopping. This helps you not only to life more environmentally sustainable but also to help each other. Everyone, who does not have or do not drive a car will be more flexible and happier as they are not depending on the bus anymore.
The concept of drivingTogether is to create “searchJourneys” as well as “offerJourneys”. In this way it is easy for you to find a driver or a passenger depending on your need. As the app only shows you matches within your contacts, you do not have to drive with stranger or take strangers but only friends.
After receiving a request you can decide, if you want to decline or accept it. Send requests can also be deleted. You can search for passengers or drivers even hours after creating your journey and delete your journey, if your plan changes.
To put it in a nutshell, drivingTogether will make life easier for everyone and if all your friends enter, we can together promote the environmental protection. 

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