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Project: CollaborativeCreations

This is a project of the CIIS course (WS 2021/22). The content below was created by Marco Jantos and Christoph Sander.

Do you love audiobooks? Do you like to be creative and interact with other people?
We created the perfect application for you! With our app CollaborativeCreations, we wanted
creative people to be able to interact with each other and share their love for audiobooks and

With our app you can record your own audio books (either for existing books that you like, or
your own creations) and upload them for others to listen to. You can also listen to a variety of
existing audio books created by other people like you.

While you record yourself, we help you find the perfect setup by showing you icons for
different adjustments you could make. These currently include volume level and reading
speed but can be easily expanded in the future with different audio processing features.

When you complete your recording, you can attach a description to it and upload it. After
that, everybody that listens to it can rate your creation with a star system (1-5). This system
can then be used to sort all available recordings for an existing chapter in different ways,
such as highest rating or most recent recording.

We need your consent to load content.
In order to show videos we use the services of third-party providers. These providers can collect data about your activities. Further details can be found under “Learn more”.

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