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Project: Finance Organizer

This is a project of the CIIS course (WS 2021/22). The content below was created by Eric Lüder.

Are you tired of always thinking about how much money you still have left for the rest of the month?
Wouldnt't it be nice to have a smart overview of everything you spend and earn to always know how many expenses are yet to come?
Yes? Then the Finance Organizer might be exactly the app for you!

The app provides an easy to use interface, where you can input all your expenses, income and also subscriptions.
For every month it automatically calculates the sum of all inputs so you can see how much you spend, gained and
if you are in debt or have some savings.
For everyone who hasn't always all his active subscriptions in mind, there is an extra view for that as well and the subscriptions
will be automatically transfered to the next month, so that you have to enter them only once.
Further on the app is able to calculate what you will spend and gain in the days to come.

If you want to save money, you can have a look on which category you spend most an try to reduce it. The app divides into
expected values and guaranteed values. Expected values are every spendings that might not come every month. Guaranteed values on the
other side are basicly all subscription values, which means all values which are returnig every month on a specific day.
Comparing these two values you should be able to improve your spending behviour.

To visualize your improvement, the app shows how your balance of the last 12 months was.

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