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Project: Smart Fridge

This is a project of the CIIS course (WS 2021/22). The content below was created by Maarten Hartwig.

I am living in a shared flat with other students. From time to time, we are in one of the following situations. The salad expired again because nobody had an idea what to do with it, or you sit together and think of possible usages for the products in your fridge. I think almost every student can relate to these or similar problems. Not only every student, I think everyone has encountered these kinds of situations.
But now there is a solution to this well-known problem. It is SmartFridge, your fridge organiser and recipe suggesting app. Enter your products manually or via the implemented scan method. Keep track of the products in the fridge, where they are and when they expire. As a complete overview or sorted by fridge level. Get two suggestions for the next two expiring items in the fridge and get a direct link for the recipe.
That is just the beginning of many more features coming up for the app. Some ideas: smart suggestions while entering new products, more and detailed recipe suggestions, push notifications and more smart tips on how to organise your fridge.

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